Zambian Roadtrip – the “Real” Africa

Zambian Roadtrip – Seeing the “Real” Africa

A Zambian roadtrip is like noneother, and we were privileged to take three lengthy Zambian roadtrips, each time going a different direction.  As we motored through these different areas of Zambia, we understood why they call their country, the “real” Africa.  Once you depart the capital of Lusaka, you will experience the typical thatched roof huts of Africa, be able to visit several different game parks, and experience the magnificent and world famous, Victoria Falls.

Zambian roadtrip - A typical Zambian village scene .
A typical Zambian village scene. Zambia is a landlocked African country:

Zambia is a Landlocked Country:

Zambian Roadtrip - Zambia is a landlocked country bordered by 8 other Africa countries.
Zambian Roadtrip -Zambia is a landlocked Country.

Zambia was formerly Northern Rhodesia, and it has approximately 17 million people.  Because Zambia is landlocked, it is bordered by 8 countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, The Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, Namibia, and Botswana.  Zambia and Zimbabwe are divided by Victoria Falls. Driving north from Lusaka toward the Zambezi River that borders The Congo, you drive through Kitwe, the location of Mopani Copper mine, the largest of its kind in the world.  Because of its location on a high plateau, Zambia’s climate is “mild,” and it is often referred to as the air-conditioned country. The video above will take you with us on our three Zambian roadtrips and one additional visit.

Zambian Roadtrip one:  2014:

We drove approximately 300 miles south from Lusaka to Livingstone and the Victoria Falls.  The roads are pretty good on this trip, and we made the journey in a day.

Zambian roadtrip - Victoria Falls - Zambia side
Victoria Falls – Zambia side

Zambian Roadtrip two:  2015:

Our next Zambian Roadtrip was approximately 370 miles north from Lusaka to Zambezi on the Congo border. These roads–especially around Kitwe and the copper mines–were some of the worst we saw in Africa; although I believe the absolute worst roads we say in all of Africa were in Uganda. This drive took us two full days to arrive at our destination.

Zambian roadtrip - Sunset on Zambian highway
Sunset on Zambian highway.

Zambian Roadtrip three:  2015:

Continuing on our Zambian roadtrip, the next week we drove approximately 300 miles northeast from Lusaka to Lake Bangweulu.  The roads were much better on this trip and we made the journey in one long day.

Zambian roadtrip - Lake Bangweulu
Lake Bangweulu

Zambian Roadtrip four: 2016:

To add to our Zambian experiences, in 2016 we flew from Johannesburg to Livingstone specifically to view Victoria Falls a second time.  The falls are magnificent any time, but on our second visit, they were completely full—making for a contrasted experience from our 2014 visit.  It was also on this trip that we went “Walking with the Lions!”  I strongly encourage you to consider a Zambian Roadtrip.

Zambian roadtrip - Victoria Falls mist
Victoria Falls mist

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