college fjord sunrise

College Fjord in Prince William Sound

College Fjord in Princess William Sound

 College Fjord in Prince William Sound is one of the most gorgeous settings on the planet.  Of all the glaciers and fjords in Alaska, College Fjord and Hubbard Glacier are hands down my favorites.  Truly, there are NO words for either region.  As an experienced Alaska naturalist, I urge you to move both of these sites to the Top Ten of your bucket list!

The Harriman Expedition catapulted College Fjord into the news:

Even though dozens of glaciers have been in Prince William Sound for centuries, it was the 1899 privately funded Harriman Expedition that put the region on the map.  (It is

College Fjord - Prince William Sound Map
College Fjord – Prince William Sound Map

significant to note that much later in 1964, Prince William Sound made news again when it was the epicenter of the major Alaska earthquake). But notably, the Harriman one year journey was monumental on many levels.  In fact, it was the expedition’s “discovery” of College Fjord that became the most outstanding geological contribution in the 20th Century.

Interestingly. the passengers of the Elder included many notables of that day. Because of this, the majority of the 126 passengers were graduates of East Coast Ivy League universities.  Consequently, they named the 25 glaciers within a twenty mile radius after their alma maters or the alma maters of their wives.

College Fjord - College Fjord Sunrise
College Fjord – College Fjord Sunrise

This magnificent region NEVER disappoints its visitors:

Whatever the weather, this glaciated wilderness will never disappoint.  In truth, it literally exhilarates in ways that reach deep into the visitor’s soul.  Prince William Sound and its surroundings dramatically reminds us that we are a small part of a very magnificent world. You will LOVE it!

Interested in more information about Alaska’s fjords, glaciers, or lighthouses?

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Alaska’s amazing glaciers!

Please check out my book, Rendezvous with Majesty.  In it, I’ve answered the 12 most commonly asked questions about glaciers.  The book includes chapters about College Fjord, Hubbard Glacier, and Tracy Arm Fjord. It is jam-packed with beautiful color photos (mine, by the way). The final chapter highlights the 19 Alaskan and Canadian lighthouses that a cruiser might see on an Alaskan cruise.  Each lighthouse is featured with a picture and brief history.

Rendezvous with Majesty is a great addition to take with you on your next cruise.  Click to purchase your personal copy of Rendezvous with Majesty.

College Fjord will prove to be one of the most cherished memories of your entire life; I promise!

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