The Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs of Madagascar are some of the most unusual and unique in the entire world.  Those of us who love to travel all have a “bucket list,” and usually we have that list prioritized. Like all such travelers, I have a mental bucket list. But, let me be honest; Madagascar was never on my list anywhere–not even the bottom ten!  There are so many exotic places to

Up close with lemurs in Antananarivo - Lemurs of Madagascar
Up close with lemurs in Antananarivo.

visit that I never even considered Madagascar as an option.  But, in the Fall of 2015, my husband received an invitation to teach in Madagascar for eight days.  An invitation is an invitation; so we happily accepted. Continue reading The Lemurs of Madagascar

Walking with Lions

Walking with Lions!

Sometimes in life we do some that in retrospect we realize was a “once in a lifetime adventure.”  Such was our 2016 adventure when we went Walking with the Lions Our daughter had visited us in Africa once before and we had

Waking with Lions - Petting wild lions in Zambia
Petting WILD lions in Zambia.

escorted her around Johannesburg as well as Kruger National Park in northern South Africa.  Her stated goal for this specific visit was to visit Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  When we visited Victoria Falls two years earlier, we drove a day from Lusaka to Livingstone.  In 2016 we flew directly to Livingstone from OR Tambo Airport in Joburg.  We arranged the flight to arrive early in the day in order to have sufficient time at the falls and still be there just one night. Continue reading Walking with Lions