Zambian Roadtrip – the “Real” Africa

Zambian Roadtrip – Seeing the “Real” Africa

A Zambian roadtrip is like noneother, and we were privileged to take three lengthy Zambian roadtrips, each time going a different direction.  As we motored through these different areas of Zambia, we understood why they call their country, the “real” Africa.  Once you depart the capital of Lusaka, you will experience the typical thatched roof huts of Africa, be able to visit several different game parks, and experience the magnificent and world famous, Victoria Falls.

Zambian roadtrip - A typical Zambian village scene .
A typical Zambian village scene. Zambia is a landlocked African country:

Zambia is a Landlocked Country:

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Cruising in Alaska – A Contrast in Beauty

Cruising in Alaska

Cruising in Alaska is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences you will ever have.  On many levels, its breathtaking beauty, lush flora and fauna, and its varied animals can be a spiritual experience.

Alaska steamship Baraof
Alaska steamship Baranof, circa 1950s.

My first cruise in Alaska coincided with my 9th birthday, and I fell in love with Alaskan waters at that time.  My 9th birthday was many years ago, so that cruise was on the old Alaska Steamship Lines, on the Baranof! Later we cruised Aaskan waters on a Canadian Steamship liner, the Princess Louise.  Neither of these lines has been in existence for over 50 years now.

The Princess Louise
The Princess Louise

Many years later I hired on as an Alaskan cruise naturalist, and really began Cruising in Alaska.  In this capacity have now cruised in Alaska nearly 200 times.  Regardless, of the number of cruise, Alaska NEVER bores me.  In fact, in liberates me in a way that nothing else can. Continue reading Cruising in Alaska – A Contrast in Beauty